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Welcome to PPA Wheels

Posted by Sean Phillips on

Hello and Welcome to the PPA Wheels website.  We've been working on this venture for almost a year and to date have three wheel designs to offer.  Please note that at this time we are still waiting for our inventory to arrive from the factory.  Feel free to browse our designs and comment what wheel you like the best.  You can leave your email address and we will inform you as soon as the wheel is available.  Once again, thank you for your interest in PPA Wheels,  Wheels for your Can Am Spyder.

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  • Thanks Sean!!! Purchased your Widow 15 and took your recommendation on the tires to use from Spyderlovers. Very pleased with the look but mainly the way it handles with almost 3/4 of an inch more rubber on the ground. Will spread the word and a picture real soon. Thanks again.

    ZDarkman on
  • Are you going to come out with more rims and different sizes? Maybe at 19 or 20 inch rim? Are you going to create a rim for the rear tire?

    Dallas on
  • Bought the Huntsmen 16in black wheels for my 2018 can am f3T. Looks awesome!!! A must to make those Brembo brake pop out.

    Kavel yan on
  • I bought my PPA Widow 15 wheels at Spyderfest 2017 and Sean had them shipped to my home before we left Springfield, MO!… They’re AWESOME on the bike, I get noticed as having different wheels than all the other Spyders. Couldn’t be happier!

    David Goebel on

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