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CANADIAN Customers

Posted by Sean Phillips on

For all of us Canadians, we often are skeptical about purchasing accessories (farkles) for our Spyders online as prices are almost always in US$. With a 30% exchange rate and the unknowns of shipping across the border (brokerage and duty fees), it just doesn't make sense a lot of times. Here at PPA Wheels we understand this as our website is also in US$.
SO, for all my fellow Canadian Spyder riders, here at PPA Wheels we want to offer Canadian pricing on all wheels and lug nut kits. Just contact me directly via email and I will send you pricing in Canadian dollars. No need to worry about customs or cross border shipping brokerage fees, as we have inventory here in Ontario ready to ship and our exchange rate is much better than you will get at your bank or on your credit card.
Send me an email at

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